Accident claim consultancy & repair

Roadside Assistance, Onsite Battery change or Onsite diagnosis. We'll try our very best to make it as fuss free as possible for our customers. We understand the importance of your time, let us handle the rest.

Performance tuning

Our mechanics are race cars enthusiasts and will passionately help you tune and customize car to achieve a tip top performance condition.

Service & maintenance

Servicing of the core components including the braking system, suspension. Service checks include the essential checks for replacement parts or fluids. Vital towards operational performance and safety. Rest assured you can have a peace of mind.

Tyre replacement & wheel balancing

Leverage on our expertise to have the right tyre for your car. Wheel balancing ensures that the wheels are aligned to their optimum position.

Aircon servicing

Regular Aircon servicing helps to ensure optimum operations, hygiene and comfort. A comprehensive check will be needed if you find that your aircon produces unusal noises, or is not as cold as it is supposed to be.


Contact us whether you require a new battery or if you are stuck and just need a quick charge.

Diagnostic test

Your dashboard may have warning lights appearing and the car might have a potential problem. Our team can help you to perform a comprehensive diagnostic check and advise you of any needed followup.

Transmission overhaul

The removal and disassembly of the complete transmission can allow for the inspection of each part for wear and damage, and the parts can treated or replaced as needed. Such would be recommended if the transmission is experiencing a relatively serious issue. Let us know if you would like to bring your car for a checkups and we will be happy to help.

Engine overhaul

A top overhaul comprises replacement of components inside the cylinder head without removing the engine. A major haul would involve the whole engine assembly. Let us know if you would like the car inspected and we will be happy to help.

Panel beating

Metal work or plastic on the exterior can have a good chance of being repaired as long as there isn't any mechanical damage or structural damage to the chassis.

Spray painting

Need a re-spray for the car? Do call us for a quote.


When you hear your brakes squeal or warning lights appear, you know the brakes are due for servicing.