BMW Repair and Service

By ensuring all necessary checks and levels are administered, we are certained that your BMW is well taken care of at TT Motorsport.
bmw repair service workshop singapore
Qualified BMW Service Technicians

BMW Repairs Workshop

We at TT Motorsport have years of experience servicing all types of BMW models. End-to-end repair solutions are available for your BMW, crossover, or SUV. You can consider us your one-stop shop for all your BMW service needs in Singapore, whether it’s an oil change, tire replacement, or transmission or engine repair. BMW drivers who enjoy letting in the sunshine while driving can also have their sunroofs and convertible tops repaired by us.

The services offered by expert car repair companies go beyond engine repairs. BMW repair companies should be able to offer additional services to ensure your vehicle is compliant. You should understand that there are other parts of your vehicle that are vital to its operation. This type of service is usually performed by expert technicians with the use of advanced equipment. You need a real professional repair service that will offer excellent service quickly, whether your BMW needs brake repair or auto accessories installed.

There is a wide variation in BMW repair prices between companies. When servicing your vehicle, you should not be overcharged by a reputable company. A service’s quality also affects its cost. Repairs may not be performed properly by a company that offers a low price. Consequently, a reputable vehicle repair company provides high-quality services at no extra cost. If other problems are discovered, a reliable BMW repair company will notify you.

During a vehicle repair, a company that values its clients goes the extra mile to provide them with better service. You will always be kept informed of the progress of the repair by a reputable company. Additionally, they are adept at translating complicated automotive repair jargon into straightforward, easy-to-understand language for the benefit of their customers.

bmw repair service workshop singapore

BMW Parts

When you take your BMW to a workshop in Singapore, you expect to get the best quality at affordable rates. You can only find these qualities at a genuine premium workshop such as TT Motorsport. These European vehicles require exceptional technicians for their repair, and only experienced/outstanding technicians are available at these premium workshops such as TT Motorsport.


Our BMW Vehicle Services


  • Check warning and interior lamps and horn
  • Inspect windshield, headlamp and rear window wiper/washer system
  • Check function of A/C – Heating system and all other accessories and switches
  • Inpect seat belts and locks for damage, twisting and proper function
  • Check SRS airbag units for torn cover, obvious damage or attachment of decals
  • Check sunroof for function and lubricate if necessary
  • Replace Dust Filter if equipped


  • Inspect headlamps and all exterior lamps
  • Clean antenna must replace if necessary windshield wiper insert, adjust washer nozzle, and check condition of headlamp and rear window wiper blade
  • Lubricated door hinges, hood, trunk/tailgate and locks
  • Check central locking/double lock check batteries for alarm remote controls in all vehicle master keys Underside of Car
  • Inspect condition, routing, leaks, of components, lines and hoses
  • Check and correct fluid level from rear-, front axle and manual transmission check condition of steering mechanical components
  • Check condition of front and rear suspension, especially condition of front axle ball joints and lower control arm bushings
  • Inspect driveshaft flex discsInspect half-shaft boots check parking brake cableInspect exhaust system
  • Check Rear shock mountings on to replace fuel filter on model up to 1995, or as required by manufacturer
  • Replace main diesel filter replace timing belt on engines M10, M20 & M21 (every 4 years or 60,000 miles)
  • Change oil in manual transmission on models up to 1998
  • Replace oil in rear axle on all models up to 1998Change oil in automatic transmission on models up to 1995, without filter – Except Lifetime Oil
bmw repair workshop singapore