The best way to extend the life of your engine and enhance its performance is by performing regular oil changes during car servicing.

Most drivers rely on mileage as an indicator of when to schedule their next service appointment. The next time you see these tell-tale symptoms, bring your car in for a long overdue oil change!

Loud Engine Noise

The engine becomes quieter if the oil is clean, as it protects the parts from metal-on-metal contact. Fluid breakdown results in less lubrication of the parts, leading to louder engine noise. When your car starts to make knocking, rumbling, or even roaring noises, it’s time for an oil change!

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Exhaust Smoke

There is a possibility that smoke emissions are caused by an oil leak or other faulty components in your engine. To resolve the problem immediately, a professional should be hired.

Oil Smell

Is there a whiff of oil coming from inside your car? Combined with exhaust fumes or gas, the strong odour could mean your vehicle is overheating! It is possible for your car to catch fire due to an overheating engine. Getting your oil serviced as soon as possible is a good idea!