Importance of Car Servicing

There are three primary categories of car services which are:

Interim Service:
The entry-level of car servicing is known as an interim service. It is a basic maintenance procedure performed on a vehicle that has covered 15,000 kilometers. Alternatively, the interim service may be carried out every 6 months, depending on which milestone occurs first. This service typically involves tasks such as oil changes, replacing the oil filter, and inspecting the drive belt.

Full Service:
The interim service serves as the introductory level of car servicing. It is a comprehensive yet minimal maintenance procedure conducted on vehicles that have traveled 15,000 kilometers. Alternatively, the mechanic may perform the interim service every 6 months, prioritizing whichever milestone is reached first. This service typically encompasses essential tasks like oil changes, replacing the oil filter, and inspecting the drive belt.

Major Service:
When a car reaches 45,000 kilometers, we often conduct a major service. Alternatively, this service can be scheduled every 24 months. The major service is a comprehensive package that encompasses all the necessary maintenance tasks for a car. It involves replacing worn-out parts, inspecting wheel bearings and shock absorbers, as well as checking the radiator and coolant hoses.

Regardless of the mileage on your car’s clock, whether it’s 15,000 kilometers or 120,000 kilometers, The Service Centre is your ultimate destination for all your car service requirements. With over 20 years of experience and cutting-edge facilities, we guarantee maximum satisfaction.


There are various reasons why you should take your car to a specialist mechanic like us for constant servicing or maintenance. Some of these reasons are:

  • To keep your car in good condition and subsequently deter unwanted car problems.
  • To safeguard against road accidents that may occur if your car malfunctions.
  • To save cost as it prevents a significant breakdown of your vehicle.
  • To save you time by preventing serious issues that will require more repair time.
  • To maintain the value of your car if there is ever a need to sell it.
  • To prevent minor issues from becoming serious damage which can be expensive to repair.
  • To keep your vehicle running at optimal performance.


Neglecting regular servicing for your vehicle can result in engine damage and the premature wear of critical components, leading to a potential complete breakdown of your European vehicle. This could entail significant expenses, draining your finances. In extreme cases, you may even find yourself compelled to sell your vehicle altogether.

To prevent such dire circumstances, it is crucial to proactively address your car servicing needs. Take the initiative and reach out to The Service Centre today. Our team is here to provide comprehensive car servicing and ensure the longevity and reliability of your vehicle.

It is highly recommended to schedule car servicing every 6 months, especially if your vehicle is still covered under the new car warranty.

Even if you don’t use your vehicle regularly, regular servicing is still essential.

Certain fluids in your car are prone to moisture and require periodic changes, regardless of the frequency of use.

Your car maintenance logbook can provide valuable guidance on when your vehicle should be serviced.